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Focus on energy has many programs to help consumers save money and yet earn a rebate check. Focus offers site training as well as site assessment. They would be looking at things such as HVAC, chillers, heat pumps, boilers,Lighting,VFD, motors, air compressors and Air leak detection to mention a few. They offer technical assistance in choosing what changes would benefit you best. RIC works closely with Focus On Energy in all the above rebate savings. We will assist on all paper work as well as coordinate an on site walk through with Focus at no charge. Call us today to discuss the options.

This is a link to Focus on energy web site to see a summary of rebate offers:

Focus On Energy Rebate Offers

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Save 50% on your light bill
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Why haven’t you taken advantage of the LIGHTING REBATES out there offered by Wisconsin’s Focus on Energy?

It’s probably because you are not quite sure how it works and may believe it’s not worth the time and effort required by you. That could be a money saving mistake.

What is the lighting rebate about?
Wisconsin’s Focus on Energy program works with eligible Wisconsin businesses to install cost effective energy efficiency and renewable energy projects.

How does it work?
Call R.I.C. Electric for a free analysis.  We will look at how many fixtures and what kind of lights you currently have and then will calculate the rebate and dollar amount you could potentially save on you electric bill.

Why bother?
You will see a significant savings on your electric bill, receive a rebate check and better yet the employees who had been working under the old lighting will appreciate the new lighting so much more. Old lighting can also make your industrial building seem old and outdated where the new lighting can give it an updated and much brighter appearance.

Why choose R.I.C. Electric?
We have done many projects like this and the customers have truly loved it.  If you like the savings and ask us to complete the work, we can be there within 2 weeks and replace the lighting you currently have with the new fixtures.

How long do I have?
The $90.00 per fixture rebate comes to an end in December.  Call us ASAP to make sure you meet the deadline.

What’s the Process?

Replacement is one old fixture for one new fixture. On average, 30 fixtures per day can be replaced. Normally it doesn’t interrupt production.

After the installation is complete, we finish the rebate form and send it to Focus on Energy. They will send you a check for the rebate amount.

An Example:    100 old 400Watt Metal Halide fixtures (very common) could get you a rebate check for $9,000 made out to your business. The average savings on an electric bill with the same 100 fixtures would be approximately $15,122 per year.

With the added benefit of better lighting and the 5 year warranty with the fixture ballast its hard to see why any business wouldn’t take advantage of this program.

Take 10 minutes and call Scott at RIC now for your free lighting analysis 262-880-2665.


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